Teej Vrat

Hartalika fast is also called Hartalika Teej or Teeja. This fast is on the day of Hasta Nakshatra on the Tritiya of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada [1] month. On this day, Kumari and Saubhagyavati women worship Gauri-Shankar. This festival, especially in Uttar Pradesh’s Purvanchal and Bihar, is considered tougher than Karvachauth because where the fast is broken after watching the moon in Karvachauth, this fast is observed throughout the day without water and the next day after worship The fast is broken. One of the beliefs associated with this fast is that the women who observe this fast go to Shivaloka in a very happy manner like Parvati ji. Lucky women will keep fasting on their eardrums and unmarried young women fast for Teej in order to get the desired groom. Huh. First of all, this fast was kept by Mata Parvati for Lord Shiva Shankar. Gauri-Shankar is worshiped exclusively on this day. Women fasting on this day get up before sunrise and make a full wash after taking a bath. For worshiping, a mandapa is made of banana leaves and a statue of Gauri Shankar is established. With this, Parvati ji is offered all the items of suhag. In the night, bhajans, kirtans are awakened and aarti is performed thrice and the story of Shiva Parvati marriage is heard.