Sudarsana Homa

In mythology, you must have heard the mention of Sudarshan Chakra in the form of weapons of Lord Vishnu and Shri Krishna. The Sudarshan Chakra used to be such an infallible weapon that after leaving it, after chasing the target, it did all its work and returned to its place. According to historical beliefs, this Sudarshan Chakra is lost in any direction or any world. One is able to find things or a lost person and by doing this, the lost items can be found again.
It is believed that even in Kalyuga, this divine power of Sudarshan Chakra works and a person can get back his lost object by chanting the mantra of Sudarshan Chakra and homa

Maha Sudarshan Mantra: 

ॐ नमो भगवते महा सुदर्शनाय ॐ प्रों रीं रं दीप्त्रे ज्वालापरिताय सर्वदिग्क्षोभणकराय फट् परब्रह्मणे परंज्योतिषे स्वाहा।